Most Asked Questions

Who should read “Put Fans in Stands”?  

FAQIf you are a marketer, promoter, event planner and/or promoter, venue owner/operator, or if you teach sport management or are a student of the sports economy, you’ll find this book useful.

Can I buy “Put Fans in Stands” in paperback?

Not at this time so you’ll need to buy the e-book by going to

Will there be updates to the book?

Expect periodic updates to the book. You’ll be notified of the updates if you have opted in to receive updates (this is different from the newsletter opt in).

What is the Olympic edition of “Put Fans in Stands”?

Every Olympic year, a new edition of “Put Fans in Stands” will be released. This is a special Olympic edition. The first Olympic edition will be released Summer 2016.

Are you writing another book?

Yes! The next book is “The 52 Best Sports Promotions” and is due to be released by the end of 2015. You can receive a notice of the book’s release by signing up for updates (this is different from Margy’s newsletter sign up form).

How can I get multiple copies for my upcoming conference?

You can email me at and let me know you need multiple paperback copies.

I have an event marketing question. Can you help?

You can submit questions at the site and look me up in the sports business category. I will be happy to answer questions there.

Are there any resources connected to the book that a professor could use?

Expect to see resource materials connected to and supporting the content of “Put Fans in Stands” by mid-2016.  The resources will be directed to college and university sport management programs but could be used by business, communications and facility management faculty as well.

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