Everyone needs an Uncle Toni Nadal!

Uncle Toni Nadal and Rafael Nadal

Everyone needs an Uncle Toni Nadal!

Excerpt about Uncle Toni Nadal and other tactics from “Put Fans in Stands, 10 Essential Marketing Tactics to Increase Attendance and Revenues” written by Margy Lang, MS, M.B.A., founder of Sportive Marketing, Inc.

Everyone needs an Uncle Toni Nadal. As tennis champion Nadal Rafael shares, his Uncle Toni not only pushed him and made him work hard but also gave him a sense of loyalty, endearment, and confidence. Just as an athlete needs an Uncle Toni Nadal, so too do great marketers. Its a very competitive marketplace and engaging your fan base or customer base is more than clicks and likes. Its understanding why fans become endeared and how best to help them become brand ambassadors and champions. A fan for life is definitely worth fighting for!  In my forthcoming book, "Put Fans in Stands, 10 Essential Marketing Tactics to Increase Attendance and Revenues," I share just how valuable it is to have a coach, mentor, and consultant. If you are struggling with how to attract a fan base and turn them in to rabid followers of your brand, it will take a team. I invite you to listen to this excerpt from my book, which is the epilogue of the book but gives a morsel of how the book is a perfect companion for marketers. 

Why a Coach, Mentor, Consultant, and an Uncle Toni Nadal Matter



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Recently I read Rafael Nadal’s biography, “Rafa: My Story” and it reminded how profoundly important my coaches, mentors, and those whom I have consulted with on various projects, have mattered in my personal and in my professional life. In Nadal’s book, he shares stories of his long and stormy, but successful relationship with his long-time coach, his Uncle Toni Nadal.

As ornery and driven and unmerciful as Uncle Toni Nadal could be with Nadal, it appears that the successes they’ve enjoyed prove that everyone needs an Uncle Toni Nadal! Everyone needs someone who is driven to capture your talent and help you turn your talent in to wins.

I’ve been fortunate to have a few Uncle Toni’s in my life. My coaches, my mentors, and the consultants I’ve hired to help me in areas where I needed special assistance given generously. They’ve helped me separately and simultaneously, filling their respective roles, admirably.

Here are five consistent benefits of the unique and lasting relationship with my coaches, mentors, and consultants that have made a big difference in the way I lead myself and others.

5 Benefits of Unique and Lasting Relationship with Coaches


1. We’ve been together for a long time. Just as Uncle Toni Nadal started coaching Nadal when he was nine, there is no beating longevity. The coach, mentor and consultants know me and I know them. And, I think they still love me! They know my strengths and my weaknesses. They know a good idea when they hear it. They know what ideas will get me in to trouble. And, they know they need to stay in touch, even in the “off season”.

2. Sometimes I need direction and collaboration. They provide direction. They spur me to build a team. They give me meaningful homework; push me in to things that challenge me. They point out weaknesses. Then they make me work on fixing those weaknesses so I can get stronger. As Nadal eloquently put it: “The only way of finding a solution is to fight back, to move, to run, and to control that pressure.”

3. Because of the volume of ideas I generate, I use my coach and mentor to focus my efforts. They remind me when to get back on track. They can spot when a behavior is turning in to a trend. They ask hard questions. I expect that. They keep me accountable to my mission, goals, and to my dreams. They can be like Uncle Toni Nadal, harsh, unforgiving, driven, yet mindful, caring, and as determined as I am to win.

4. When I am really excited about a new client or project or new product idea, I talk incessantly. A coach and a mentor are specially trained in listening skills. The most effective consultants know when to listen. They are aware of how critical is communications to the present and to the future of my work. Everyone needs an unbiased, removed from the challenge, listener and communicator.

5. The accessibility to my coach and mentor, and to my consultants are not a given. I had to work to gain their trust. I balance being light hearted with being all business. I feel they appreciate the balance. I laugh at myself and I invite them to laugh with me. Our shared laughter has helped heal the wicked wounds of failure and loss. They’ll be there when things get really tough.

They’ll be there to celebrate victories. And in that great expanse in the middle, the times when they have sent me off, on my own, to work through the idea or project or issue, it is their unspoken presence that has given me capacity and strength and stamina.

Bottom Line: Get a coach. Choose a mentor. Hire a consultant.

As Nadal shares in his book,

He (Uncle Toni Nadal) always stressed the importance of endurance: ‘Endure, put up with whatever comes your way, learn to overcome weakness and pain, push yourself to breaking point but never cave in. If you don’t learn that lesson, you’ll never succeed as an elite athlete. ’He did a lot to build that fighting character people say they see in me on the court.

Let your close advisors help you build character. Be prepared to be challenged, to learn, and to grow.  As a bonus, you’ll connect at a level unlike any other relationship.

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